2017 Ellerbee Family Reunion Registration Fees:

$115  for children ages 3-12 as of May 2017
$145  for children 13+ (as of May 2017) and adults

The registration fee covers dinner each night, entertainment/fun group activities, and your family reunion t-shirt and gift

Friday: Dinner and a night of family fun (games, photo booth, venue, etc.)

Saturday: All-you-can-eat BBQ and a show on the sightseeing dinner cruise, the Jungle Queen

Sunday: Family banquet and talent show (food, venue, equipment)

Register each family member here: https://goo.gl/forms/A6VbSeTMQgaGRxJD2

Submit registration fees here:
Option 1: PayPal (preferred) https://www.paypal.com/home 

  • Send PayPal payments to faheemah@umich.edu or 215-668-1901.
  • You will have to link your bank account to PayPal in order to avoid paying administrative fees with a credit or debit card.
  • Please list the name(s) of the family member(s) for whom you are submitting payment in the "note" section of the PayPal payment form.

Option 2: Check or Money Order Via Mail

Ellerbee Family Reunion
c/o Faheemah Mustafaa
5424 Bell Forge Lane East
P.O. Box 2108
Antioch, TN 37011

Please be sure to make your check or money order out to "Faheemah Mustafaa" (not Ellerbee Family Reunion). You may also mail your check or money order to Faheemah's home address (rather than her P.O. Box above), which was shared over email.