Travel Time & Cost Estimators

This page contains approximate info on travel costs to Miami, FL.

To read each table, locate your starting city in the left column. Then read across the row to see the travel time and cost from each starting city to Miami, Florida.



Airfare Estimator

These estimates for flying were completed in June 2016; thus, the rates are relatively high in comparison to what they may be for flights booked for May 2017. Actual fares will likely be much lower if you book well in advance.
Additionally, estimates were completed for flights into Miami, FL (MIA). Please also consider flying into Ft. Lauderdale (FLL); both airports are about a 20-30 minute drive from our reunion hotel.

From Airline Day Depart Arrive Duration Stops Fare
Charlotte United/Delta Thu 7:06am 6:36pm 11hr 30min 1 stop $550
Mon 5:30am 10:10am 4hr 40min 1 stop
Philadelphia Delta Thu 1:14pm 6:20pm 5hr 6min 1 stop $305
Mon 7:25am 10:13am 2hr 48min Nonstop
New York (JFK) Delta Thu 11:29am 2:37pm 3hr 8min Nonstop $377
Mon 7:04am 10:00am 2hr 56min Nonstop
Mon 5:30am 10:10am 4hr 40min 1 stop

Times shown include total flight time, airport to airport, including layover (if any).


Amtrak Estimator

Amtrak fares are based on current Amtrak fares for summer 2016. This is just for estimation purposes, as Amtrak may change their fare schedule at any time.
The table shows 3 fare classes, which are explained in the notes below the table.
Amtrak web site:

From Day Depart Arrive Duration Type of Fare
Value Flexible Premium
Charlotte Thu 5:15pm 5:58pm(Fri) 24hr 43min $240 $484 $612
Mon 11:50am 3:04pm(Tues) 27hr 14min
Philadelphia Thu 12:35 pm 5:58pm(Fri) 29hr 23min $335 $632 $998
Mon 8:10am 9:30am(Tues) 25hr 20min
New York Thu 11:02am 5:58pm(Fri) 30hr 56min $339 $640 $1029
Mon 8:10am 11:00am(Tues) 26hr 50min
Mon 11:50am 3:04pm(Tues) 27hr 14min

Value Fare: Refundable if cancelled more than 24 hours before departure
Flexible Fare: Fully refundable any time
Premium: Refundable, but with some restrictions


Driving Estimator

Table shows a one-way estimate. Travel time does not include breaks for meals, rest stops, etc. In addition to gas, you should plan on paying some tolls, too.

Fuel cost is based on getting 30mpg highway and paying $4.00/gallon for gas.
From Distance Drive Time Round Trip Fuel Cost
Charlotte 729 mi 10hr 8 min $100
Philadelphia 1,196 mi 17hr 31min $166
New York 1,283 mi 18hr 52 min $176


Charter Bus Costs

We're looking into the cost of chartering a bus from New York, Philadelphia and/or Charlotte to and from Miami.

Very preliminary data suggest that a charter might be less expensive than either flying or taking the train if at least 40 people come from any given starting city.